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Performance Nutrition

Diet and nutrition are crucial to providing optimal health and fuel throughout training and performance. It is our diet that enables us to utilise the best of our abilities, recover and regenerate efficiently, and maximise our energy output. At the Concordia Clinic, we have a performance nutrition coach and weight-cut specialist, qualified under the world-renowned George Lockhart.

Our Nutrition Coach & Weight Cut Specialist

At the Concordia Clinic Liverpool, we see a mix of patients for a variety of different reasons and therefore use HBOT for many different outcomes.

Our Therapy Clinic utilises the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for a variety of medical ailments. We primarily see patients who speed up recovery post-surgery (medical and cosmetic), patients with conditions caused by inflammation, and patients with brain trauma or degeneration such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and stroke.

Our Recovery Centre, on the other hand, utilises the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to assist in athlete recovery and repair and help to maximise athletic performance and efficiency. Our athletes make use of the chamber before and after their sporting events and also throughout their training regime to assist in day-to-day recovery.

If an athlete has a more serious injury or undergoes surgery, they may increase their use of the chamber, and we develop an individual protocol that is determined by a thorough consultation for their injury and requirements.

Nutrition FAQs

Below are a few frequently asked questions regarding our Nutrition Coach & Weight Cut Specialist. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch.

I'm not an athlete - Can you still help me lose weight?

Yes! Although we work with athletes to help them function at their optimal performance, we use our understanding of the human body and nutrition to help people of any background reach whatever goal they choose. Performance nutrition plays a very large part towards building around personal goals set to enhance performance.

We see a lot of clients who need to lose weight quickly, clients who would like a steady and sustainable plan, clients who need very specific nutrition for health and well-being… Ultimately, once we sit down and discuss your pathway, our performance nutrition team can work out a plan to suit you.

Do you offer individual programmes?

Absolutely – As a nutrition coach and weight-cut specialist, we need to know about you. Each plan is different, depending on your needs and your goals. We focus on your nutrition and your food or drink as fuel. Additionally, we look to make sure you’re getting your minerals, vitamins, and amino acids.

We work out your macros according to your goals, and we ensure you’re working towards your goal, whether that be weight loss, weight gain, or ensuring your body is working at its optimum potential.

After a consultation, a plan will be put together specifically for you, and we give regular checkups as you progress and your goals are reached.

Are the meals cooked fresh?

All of our meals are cooked from the best, freshest ingredients by our chef and delivered to your place of choice daily (you may also choose to pick up your meals from our nutrition bar). So you don’t need to freeze or store 2, 3, or 4 days’ worth of food, and you know you are eating clean, healthy, fresh food.

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