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Opt for deep-tissue massage therapy if you want to release built-up tension, soreness, and general aches and pains buried deep within your muscles. They could be a recent thing or they could have been there for a long time; whatever your issues, now is the time to address them.

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Deep tissue massage is performed by specially trained massage therapists. Our specialists at Concordia Clinic Liverpool have a wide span of knowledge and expertise in this type of massage due to its complexity in reaching the deeper structures of the muscles.

Whether you target a specific area or look for full-body rejuvenation, there is something for everyone here at Concordia Clinic Liverpool.


What Is Deep Tissue Massage?

A deep tissue massage is a massage technique that uses deep pressure to get to the muscles. It aims to get to the deepest parts of the connective tissues within the muscles, which involves the manipulation of these tissues using deep pressure.

Deep tissue massage is performed by a deep tissue therapist who is trained in this area of massage technique.

Deep tissue massage can often be compared to a Swedish massage, as they are similar in the fact that they both use firm pressure that provides relaxation and involve long strokes made by the hands.

However, deep tissue massage is more forceful than Swedish massage as it aims to release tension that has built up deep within the muscles and tissues, using more direct and penetrative techniques to get to the root of the area and the problem that may be causing the patient problems.

Deep tissue massage is for anyone who needs to release tension and tightness and often focuses on areas that cause discomfort.

Why Get a Deep Tissue Massage?

Anyone can benefit from deep tissue massage, at any age. It is useful for rehabilitation from sports injuries, a bit like sports massage, but it is not exclusively for people who play sports.

If you have a buildup of tension and tightness just from the wear and tear of life that has taken a toll on the body, then you can benefit from a deep tissue massage.

When targeting the structures of the muscles and tissues, tension is released, allowing the muscles to function normally without experiencing any stiffness, soreness, or pain that was once felt by the patient.

Deep tissue massage can also help improve one’s posture. This is because it addresses the underlying imbalances in the body and targets them at their source.

If you wish to improve circulation, soreness, flexibility, and joint pain, as well as release endorphins, tension, and stress, then deep tissue massage could be the right massage treatment option for you.


The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

There are several benefits to deep tissue massage, and there are many reasons for people to get them every so often or regularly too.

Some of the things that deep tissue massage can help with include the following:

  • Increase blood flow
  • Speed up recovery times
  • Improve flexibility
  • Relax the muscles
  • Help healing
  • Reduce muscle soreness (DOMS)
  • Maintain healthy muscles
  • Help realign scar tissue
  • Increase the range of movement
  • Help to relieve pain
  • Help maintain the health of one’s muscles


How Deep Tissue Massage Works

Deep tissue massage works because the deep pressure of the massage helps stretch the muscle fibres where tension has built up. It releases the tension and any trauma that has built up from injuries or scarring and has led to weakness in that area.

The massage helps to relax the stiffness and realign muscles, which have overall benefits for the overall movement and flexibility of the body.

Your deep tissue massage therapist at Concordia Clinic will be able to assess the right techniques to apply to certain areas of your body that need attention and apply the right techniques to help you.

Increasing the pressure in the massage also helps the blood and lymph vessels do their job, transporting more blood to the area that needs attention. From here, any excess fluid in the damaged tissues can be restored and eased back to its normal state and structure.

What to Expect From Deep Tissue Massage

You can expect to receive a massage whereby your trained massage therapist will begin to warm up the muscles in the affected area. It will begin with a lighter touch initially to help the muscles become warm.

Once the muscles have warmed up, they will start to work on problem areas using techniques including stroking pressure, various amounts of intense pressure, and a kneading technique.

Other techniques that can be expected in a deep tissue massage include acupressure, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, rolling, and cupping.

You can expect a faster recovery process from a deep tissue massage, which helps heal the microtears in the muscles that are caused when they contract from forms of strenuous activity.


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