Lymphatic Drainage Massage Liverpool

Concordia Clinic is a health and wellness clinic based in the city centre of Liverpool. We offer many treatment and therapy options for our patients to help them feel their best. One of the treatment options that we offer is lymphatic drainage massage, which is a popular type of massage for many of the patients who visit us.

This is a popular massage type that focuses on massaging the muscle to help with swelling and water retention and encourage circulation. Different from other types of massage, which use the hands to apply pressure to the muscles, friction can be caused, which can help the body produce more lymph and blood.

Our aim at our clinic is to help you feel amazing, so check out our lymphatic drainage massage at Concordia Clinic today. Along with this treatment type, you can also find other wellness massages and treatment therapies, including sports massage, deep tissue massage, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, all of which help you feel like your best self, inside and out.

Whether you are looking to target a specific area of the body or you are just looking to feel your best self, we have it all here at Concordia Clinic Liverpool.


What Is Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle type of massage. It encourages lymphatic circulation and relieves painful swelling in your arms and legs.

The lymphatic system supports vessels that transport lymph fluid towards the heart, aids in the removal of waste products, and transports nutrients to the body where they are needed.

Lymphatic massage can relieve swelling from the fluid that has been left behind after the cardiovascular system sends blood to organs and tissues. This usually happens after going through recovery from illnesses such as breast cancer.

Lymphatic massage, therefore, increases the body’s immune function. Any disruption to the body’s lymphatic system processes can make areas of the body swell; therefore, lymphatic drainage massage can benefit the body.

The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage has some fantastic benefits for the body. It can help people of any age.

Conditions for lymphatic drainage massages include arthritis, fibromyalgia, lipedema, pain, and chronic venous insufficiency. These help with swelling and stiffness, joint and muscle pain, and help veins that may not be working properly, aiding blood flow to the heart.


How Lymphatic Drainage Massage Works

The gentle lymphatic massage uses light pressure to drain channels in the skin. It is not painful, and it works by draining toxins from the body.

The lymphatic system is targeted during this massage to maximise its performance.

Our experts at Concordia Clinic always stay updated on lymphatic drainage massage training to maintain their specialisation in this area.

Targeting the lymphatic system is how this drainage massage works. Its aid is to help it function properly. Different techniques are used by your specialised massage therapist. These different techniques are used to enhance the system and can even help protect it from viruses by assisting the immune system with pathogens.

What to Expect From Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Expect a manual lymphatic drainage massage during your session. In a lymphatic drainage massage, you can expect less pressure than in a deep tissue massage and more repetitive strokes during the massage. This can be in areas that are causing problems, often carried out on the legs, arms, back, and stomach, basically anywhere in the full body.

The sequences of the hand movements will be adapted to each person, and your qualified lymphatic drainage massage therapist will take the time to understand your issues and what you are looking to achieve.

You can expect to find your lymphatic drainage massage beneficial and relaxing, too. Other lymphatic drainage techniques include compression pumps that squeeze swollen areas of the body, which help the lymphatic system bring down and eliminate the swelling quickly and effectively. Another example of a lymphatic drainage technique is skin tape, which encourages lymph drainage.


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There is something for everyone at Concordia Clinic. If it is not our lymphatic drainage massage, we guarantee there will be another treatment type that you can opt for.

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