What to Wear to a Massage: A Guide

Getting massage treatments is a great way to release muscle tension from your body and feel a sense of relaxation. Whether you’re a massage specialist or this is your first time, one commonly asked question is ‘What Should I Wear To A Massage?’ Choosing the right outfit for your massage can enhance your overall massage experience and can ensure both relaxation and comfort.

In this blog, we will explore the most suitable massage attires to wear to a massage and help you make the most of your massage sessions.


Comfort is Key

One key rule that is important to prioritise for your massage session is comfort. Loose fitting clothing that is made from suitable and breathable fabrics is an excellent choice of clothing for your massage session. It is often advised to try and avoid tight and restrictive clothing that may restrict your movement and cause you a level of discomfort during the massage.


Choose Appropriate Underwear

Most massages involve the massage therapist working on various parts of your body, so it’s important to that you are wearing underwear that is comfortable and suitable for the massage. Settle for underwear that you feel most relaxed and comfortable in and try to avoid clothing such as overly intricate lingerie, as this may not be suitable for your massage experience.


Robes and Towels Provided

Many spas and massage centres provide you with robes and towels that you can take advantage of if you are unsure of what to wear to a massage. These are designed for comfort and modesty and are usually made from soft materials that contribute to your overall relaxation experience.


Consider The Type of Massage

The type of massage you are receiving can impact your choice of attire for the session. For a full-body massage, you will likely be required to undress completely or leave only your underwear on. However, if you’re opting for a chair massage or reflexology, the choice of clothing is not an issue as you will be able to keep more clothing on.

It is advised to check and get a better understanding of the requirements for the massage from your spa or therapist beforehand to ensure you understand the type of massage you have chosen.


Massage Oil

Massage oils are often considered an important part of your massage experience, as it helps the therapist’s hands glide smoothly over your skin. If you’re worried about the oil staining your clothes, it’s advised to wear items that you can easily remove or that won’t be impacted or stained by the oil. Dark-coloured clothing tends to be more suitable clothing for massages as it tends to hide oil stains better than lighter shades of clothing.


Dress Appropriately For The Season

Taking the climate and time of year is a key consideration to take in when choosing your massage attire. If it’s winter, bring along warm socks or choose a spa that provides heated blankets.

However, in the summer, lighter clothing may be much more suitable. Some people may feel colder during a massage due to relaxation, so having the option to layer with a provided blanket or towel is always a good idea.


Communication is Crucial

Don’t feel hesitant to communicate with your massage therapist about your clothing preferences. Massage therapists are there to ensure your comfort and can provide alternatives or adjust their technique based on your specific needs. If you have specific concerns or requests regarding your attire, share them beforehand to allow your massage therapist to create a tailor-made experience.


Respecting Cultural Settings

If you’re receiving a massage in a different cultural setting be mindful of local cultures and dress codes. Some cultures may have specific guidelines on what is considered appropriate attire during a massage. Respecting these cultural settings not only ensures a smooth experience but also shows cultural sensitivity.


Massage Therapy at Concordia Clinic

Choosing what to wear to a massage can be found to be challenging for some individuals but involves considering your comfort, the type of massage you’re receiving, and the climate. The aim is to create a stress-free and relaxing environment.

By following this guidance and communicating openly with your therapist, you can ensure that your massage experience is both enjoyable and beneficial for your overall well-being.

Here at Concordia Clinic, we focus on all aspects of healthcare and medicine and offer a wide range of solutions and treatments to help improve your overall well-being. We work with top athletes across the UK regularly as we aim to help them stay at the top of their game with our massage and sports therapy solutions. If you are looking to utilise massage therapy, look no further than Concordia Clinic and book a massage appointment with us today!